With over 7 years of living and ‘on-the-ground’ professional experience in China, I will help you drive your business towards success in the Middle Kingdom.

IrreplaceableNo number of visits can match the irreplaceable value of direct China experience: I have the insights, the ‘know-how’, and the connections.

With ChinaAcumen you will benefit from my ‘hands-on’ experience in both Australasia and Greater China: over 20 years of operating my own financial services businesses in Australia and over 17 years of providing China-focused consulting advice to international companies and government entities. I understand both the challenges and the opportunities created by an emerging Asia.


I speak to senior executives about China and make presentations to boards of management. Corporate leaders reach out to me to discuss their critical China issues.

Additionally, my involvement in training and education in Asia makes me an excellent China-focused adviser and presenter.

AvoidWith ChinaAcumen you avoid paying for the ‘promotional noise’ of the major international consulting firms. We can powerfully focus on your unique requirements to deliver precise solutions.

And our maturity allows us to position ChinaAcumen to offer you a higher level of service. You can be certain that you are in safe hands when we take care of your China-related business needs.

ChinaAcumen has a unique value proposition for your business: with our maturity, energy, experience and valuable connections, we are a leading business consultancy with a single-minded focus on your potential China opportunities.