Your China Visit

Accompanying You on Your China Visit

Why not leverage off our first-hand living and working experience in Shanghai? If one or two of us accompany you to China, we can make your China visit significantly more productive and cost-effective by:

  • Ensuring you fully utilize your time in China. We can arrange meetings for you in first, second or third-tier cities;
  • Acting as your local guide and translator in China. We can also look after your logistics and schedules;
  • Avoiding 5-star hotels. We can arrange for you to stay in a local CBD hotel. Convenient and comfortable in every way, it also allows you to get a better ‘feel’ for the city.

And of course you can rely on our discretion and competence when we attend meetings with you in China. We will handle your vital interests with care. Why not contact ChinaAcumen to make your next China visit more productive, interesting and enjoyable?