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Simon Stokes - ChinaAcumen (2)

Simon Stokes | 司徒可善
After living and working in Shanghai for over 7 years and as a frequent China visitor, Simon Stokes is now based in the UK with trips to China, helping his clients with their China initiatives. Simon’s China-value lies in his unique personal insights, stories, observations and … read more

Lucy Qian - ChinaAcumen 337 X 337

Lucy Qian | 钱迅
Born and raised in Shanghai during Deng Xiao Ping’s 1980s “Reform and opening-up (改革开放 Gǎigé kāifàng)” era of China, Lucy originally trained as an engineer and holds a BEng (Mechanical Engineering specialising in Mechatronics) degree from the University of Shanghai for Science and … read more