Why the world’s first smart highway will most likely be in China

China’s fast-paced growth has resulted in it being one of the most extremely flexible nations in terms of technological integration into existing infrastructure. With its relatively newer institutions and organizations, China can easily adapt existing infrastructure around current and potentially future technologies. Because of the rise of automated vehicles and their specific criteria, many have … https://tcrn.ch/31QTz84

Britain considers bringing China on board with HS2

In the past decade China has built 25,000km of high-speed railway, more than all the fast train lines in the rest of the world. Now it has its sights on helping to deliver HS2, the UK’s over budget and long delayed high speed rail line, which earlier this month received the go-ahead for the first phase of construction. Last week it emerged that China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) had … https://on.ft.com/329pwIT

Japan companies board the Belt and Road train

Trans-Eurasian logistics and inland China development present fresh opportunities. Japanese companies are jumping on the bandwagon of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in search of fresh business opportunities. Cargo rail between Europe and China has exploded from fewer than 20 runs in 2011 to around 3,000 last year. The German industrial city of Duisburg, a stop on … https://s.nikkei.com/2JvnUOE

Mapping progress along the Belt and Road

At $1000bn, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is arguably the largest overseas investment drive ever launched by a single country. How are BRI projects across Asia and Europe progressing after a big spurt in activity following the maiden announcement of 2013? By Stefania Palma. In this special report, Building the Belt and Road, we look at how China’s Belt and Road Initiative … http://bit.ly/2IzoniN

Belt and Road Initiative Quarterly: Q1 2018

As part of a new series examining the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), The Economist Intelligence Unit will provide regular quarterly analysis on trade and investment flows along the path of the BRI, as well as updates on relevant policies and projects. In this edition we discern an uptick in economic activity between China and BRI countries in the fourth … http://bit.ly/2F5fcsX