What China’s Online Shopping Craze Says About Its Bubble Economy

On November 11, China celebrated Singles’ Day, a holiday that in the span of a few short years has become the most important day of the year for Chinese e-commerce. Sales on Alibaba, the leading retailer website at the center of the holiday, are the bellwether for its success. Alibaba first adopted the Singles’ Day name for a sales promotion in 2009 to sell winter coats, … http://bit.ly/2DFHV6Q

To Give is Glorious

DECADES OF RAPID economic growth have spurred the development of philanthropy in China. Recognising this, since 2005 the Ministry of Civil Affairs has held a prestigious annual charity award to celebrate the philanthropic achievements of entrepreneurs, government officials, and others working in the sector. Some philanthropists are motivated by tax advantages or to transf … http://bit.ly/2vbOqYS

China promises more openness to sceptical investors

China has promised foreign investors that it will be more open. But jaded by similar promises in the past, both US and EU investors remain sceptical. China has promised greater openness to foreign investors. Jaded after similar promises in the past, they are waiting to see whether the Chinese government will match its words with effective action. At the China Internation … https://bit.ly/2Fdj3ow