My fees range from £400 to £600 per half-day depending on the nature and location of the work involved. Our fees are highly competitive for experienced China advice and/or consulting projects.

ChinaAcumen fees are calculated according to the hourly rates of the person (or team) performing the work. However, this may not be the only governing factor. And in general we prefer to quote a fixed amount.

AvoidNaturally I am always willing to discuss flexible and innovative fee arrangements to accommodate your specific needs. And I would be happy to explore risk-sharing agreements with you.

If you wish, we will inform you of the fees your work has incurred at various milestones along the way. For instance, when each task in the schedule is completed we can give you a fee update.

Or we can alert you when our fees reach 2/3 of the total fee quote. If our fee estimate is materially incorrect due to any intervening complication or change in circumstances, you will then have an early warning and be better positioned to manage your cash flow.