Establishing Guanxi

Powering your Growth

ChinaAcumen has a vital network of connections in China: We speak the language. We understand the culture. We are in contact with the right people.

Perhaps you’ve even had a China office for a couple of years. Your China operation doesn’t cost too much; and on your regular visits to China, you always leave with positive expectations. And yet …

SpeakEven if you are meeting with the ‘right’ people in Beijing or Shanghai, those China opportunities seem to fade away while you are busy beating the competition back at home.

Your China managers, while competent, may require added power to accelerate your business initiatives in China. We can supply the needed maturity, the sustained focus and the high quality connections.

speaker squareFollowing your next visit, you will benefit from meeting with well-qualified prospective clients, partners and/or trusted suppliers we have arranged for you according to your specific requirements.

Our approach: ‘putting you in control’; means we help you control the pace and direction of your China investment.