China Strategy

Currently the world economy is shifting away from an over-reliance on the ‘Made in China’ model and hoping instead to benefit from the emerging ‘Made for China’ model. Do you have a ‘China Strategy’ to benefit from this trend?

speaker squareWe speak to senior executives about China and make presentations to boards of management. Corporate leaders reach out to us to discuss their critical China issues.

Unlike most western nations, in China government policy permeates down to the lowest level of Chinese society. We will tell you how changes in government policy could affect your business.

We will supply you with an essential understanding of the Chinese economic situation: the drivers of interest rates, likely inflation scenarios, ‘urbanisation’ trends and infrastructure needs.

InsightsYour China marketing strategy requires the application of ‘insights’ unique to the China marketplace. With over 14 years on-the-ground experience in China and our deep understanding of the local culture, we can provide you with these insights.

You need to have a sound and feasible strategy to protect your intellectual property rights in China; particularly if you aim to export innovative consumer goods or supply best practice software and services to Chinese customers. On the other hand, the sheer size of population in China provides an excellent opportunity to commercialise your IP assets.

Decisions reached about the type of legal presence you employ in China will have far-reaching consequences: a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise, a Joint Venture, a Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise or a Representative Office?

You are aware of the necessity of good connections (guanxi) in China. We can put you on the fast track to establish your vital network in China.