Why you should read China’s vast, 18th century novel, Dream of the Red Chamber

When asked to explain the significance and pleasure of the Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, by Cao Xueqin, I’m afraid I usually flounder. How to put it to friends, students or colleagues that the tiffs, the leisurely intrigues and frustrated aspirations of a fractious bunch of adolescents constitute one of the great efforts at plumbing human experience? Yet Dream of the … http://bit.ly/2HvSmb9

How China’s winemakers succeeded (without stealing)

Joint ventures between Western and Chinese companies are in the news over accusations – including those of President Donald Trump – that China uses them to steal intellectual property from foreign competitors in industries like cars and technology. Less well known, however, are the joint ventures between French and Chinese winemakers, which offer a notable counterpoint to … http://bit.ly/2vQGMGn

Why China is a leader in intellectual property (and what the US has to do with it)

United States President Donald Trump is not the first to complain about intellectual property (IP) theft by Chinese companies but ironically it was US companies’ use of China’s resources that led to the development of its powerhouse of patents. In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, western firms like Apple and Intel made large profits by investing in China to take … http://bit.ly/2ILjYJR

Why the UK won’t get a better trade deal with China outside the EU

British prime minister, Theresa May’s visit to China has been portrayed as an opportunity to set the groundwork for a free trade agreement between the two nations. In this endeavour, she hopes to achieve something that has long eluded the EU. The UK’s historic record as an advocate of free trade is often cited by advocates of a hard Brexit as an alternative to the growth- … http://bit.ly/2nvEA0a

China’s economic power is actually a lot smaller than you think

China’s economic presence on world markets is actually much smaller than that of the United States of America and smaller than our key three asia-pacific allies combined. In recent years, reports by financial institutions like the World Bank have claimed China is the world’s largest economy. China’s annual gross domestic product (GDP), when converted to United States dollars … http://bit.ly/2CSHvZL