Xi Jinping and the Party’s “Guiding Ideology”

As the 19th Party Congress approaches, there is widespread speculation that the party constitution will be revised to incorporate concepts associated with General Secretary Xi Jinping as part of the party’s authoritative “guiding ideology.” Although such a revision is possible, analysis of changes in past constitutions and available evidence from PRC media suggest a more … http://hvr.co/2eSkoku

The Regulatory Storm: A Surprising Turn in Financial Policy

A surprisingly strong and concerted regulatory effort is shaking up the Chinese financial sector. New regulators are now in place in each of the three regulatory commissions, and a storm of new financial regulation has ensued. The new effort seems to spring from the domestic shocks of the 2015 stock market meltdown and the 2016 hostile takeover efforts launched by Foresea … http://hvr.co/2g0LfeK