Why Global Order Still Needs America in Asia

Asia has a gathering conventional wisdom about the impending end of a seventy year-old US-led global order and China’s inevitable rise to regional leadership. The US will no longer provide the public goods necessary for a stable and open global order. It will disengage from Asia, on both security and economic fronts. Donald Trump’s election heralds a marked acceleration of … http://bit.ly/2Bfw4dk

China at the gates: A new power audit of EU-China relations

Since 2009, the time of the European Council on Foreign Relations’ first Power Audit, China has become more present and influential within Europe. This is no longer only about a massive trade surplus; it is also about investment, lending, and financial power which serves China’s public diplomacy. What has not changed is the asymmetry claimed by China as a developing economy, … http://bit.ly/2nEaOc2

China’s technology protectionism and its non-negotiable rationales

China’s restrictions on the internet and the ICT sector are tightening, with over 50 measures targeting this sector implemented just in the last decade. The rationale for these restrictions is not merely about shielding the country from foreign competition or security threats, but also to defer politically challenging reforms. Much of the rationale behind such digital … http://bit.ly/2hqd6Wr